New year, new you?

Remember those new year resolution things?  Most people forgot theirs after the first week.  This is usually because most people set resolutions and forget them.  So if your resolution is more like a prayer than a goal, here’s some tips to help make 2016 the year of the BEST you.

  1. Set goals.  December 31st cannot be the deadline.  Because who has woken up on December 31st and said, I did it!  My new years resolution from last year came to fruition.  So break your resolution into smaller goals throughout the year.
  2. Celebrate little victories!  Keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself at every milestone of your goal. Example: if your resolution is the get fit.  If you stick to your workout plan for a week, buy a new piece of workout attire to show off at the gym.  OR reward yourself with a whole new outfit for $25 from Fabletics
  3. Come up with an action plan.  You need a plan for every day that will get your closer to your goal.

Lots of people aim to eat healthier, lose weight, maybe get a job, or a better job, get fit, save money or pay off debt… and there are so many more.  These are all topics that I’ll be posting on throughout the year.

My new years resolution this year, is to go with the flow and worry less.  I want this year to be your best year, so please share your’s below so I can help!

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