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On Monday I started a new job.  This is a really exciting and exhausting time!  I know some of you are interviewing and applying for new jobs and internships right now.  What I have learned, is your work isn’t done once you get your offer.  You need to ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running once you get in there, because the business world today takes no breaks.  To make sure that you look your best on your first day, I’ve included some tips that I used to prepare for my new job and get off to a great start this week.

  1. Follow your company. You stalk your friends and who they are dating, so this should be easy.  Go to LinkedIn, Facebook, their websites, Twitter… follow and read about not only the company but also their leaders and the members of your team.
  2. READ.  Read a good book or two to get you in the right mindset for success.  This can be on a specific skill or market, or a book on time management or leadership.
  3. Do your research!  Read not only what the company says about itself but also what their customers, and clients are saying.  These can be windows into problems the company is working to solve, and being part of the solution is a great way to get ahead.
  4. Stalk the competition.  Before you get there, have a good idea of what the market looks like, locally and globally.
  5. Relax and get excited!  You have the job, they want you and believe in you.  Get in there and show them what you’ve got.


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