That new car smell

I recently bought a new car.  It was quite an experience so I wanted to share some tips about the car buying process.

  1. Before buying a car you need to know what you can afford.  Look at your savings, and monthly budget and figure out how much car you can comfortably afford.
  2. Do your research.  Start with a list of things you absolutely need in a car and then research all the cars that have what you want.
  3. Test drive!  I took 5 different cars on test drives before deciding which one was right for me.
  4. Negotiate down the price until you have the monthly payments within our means or move on.  You might have to give up heated seats or a sunroof to get the car in your price range.
  5. Can’t find a new car in your rice range?  Don’t settle!  Look at used cars.  Lots of people are trading in their cars after only a few years.  Things to look for: 1 owner, low miles, no accidents, well taken care of.
  6. Getting a car loan.  First go to your bank and get a rate on a loan for the remainder of the cost, after your deposit.  Then you have a base loan rate to go to the dealer with.  You can also have them run the numbers, and see which rate is lower.
  7. Once the car is yours, take care of it!  Get the oi changed as directed, if you live where there is lots of snow and salt, get the under carriage washed at the car wash after storms to prevent rusting and keep the inside clean and tidy so you can get a good value when you go to trade it in down the line!
Me and my Subaru Forester
Me and my Subaru Forester